Reiki Healing

Reiki is a gentle energy that can help restore feelings of wellbeing, calm and tranquility.  As a method of natural healing it doesn't target specific conditions but instead gently promotes balance in the mind, body and spirit.  When we consider that the whole of the universe is created from energy and that we are also created from energy then we can start to consider the impact that Reiki can have.  

I work with the belief that all dis-ease occurs on an energy or astral level before it impacts on the physical, material level.  Everything we create starts as a thought.  Positive thought, focus and intention can change things at a deep level and Reiki flows in a way that encourages positive realignment, serenity and peace of mind.

It is commonly known that stress encourages tension, pain, discomfort and associated feelings of impatience and annoyance - I call this  "the furrowed brow effect".  When we are in this state then we are experiencing life from a disadvantaged and negative point of view and everything becomes more difficult.

Reiki gives us time out from the stresses of the day, it soothes the spirit and places us into a naturally receptive state where we can welcome this beneficial energy.

The energy itself is transmitted through the hands, either working directly on the body or in the auric field.  I usually work both ways.  It's not massage and the client remains fully clothed at all times.  My private therapy room is a sacred space where healing is promoted and many people pass through this space feeling refreshed and rejuvinated.

Ambient lighting, tranquil music, incense and the Reiki energy combine to make this a wonderfully relaxing, beneficial experience.

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1 hour Reiki with added chakra balancing

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