Good feedback is an important way of finding out whether a product or service suits you, based on other people's experiences.

The reviews below were taken directly from my Facebook page - giving the reader assurance that these are real accounts from real people and, because that is so, you can be assured of receiving the same excellent service yourself.​

​​I went to Vicky for help with my Misophonia (fear of trigger noises) The sound of my neighbours tv was literally making me ill (crazy I know) As soon as my neighbour turns his telly on I shake, feel sick and want to break down in tears. Seen as how I've only just moved into my otherwise lovely house I needed help to regain control of my thoughts etc. I explained my miso responses to Vicky who then did some research and suggested BWRT might help me! No idea what it was but I gave it a go! For your info, my neighbour is lovely and has actively turned the tv down a lot but it's on the adjoining party wall! I'm no way cured but the feelings of fear, anxiety and stress have been greatly reduced! I've spent 3 months living in my daughters bedroom with ear plugs rammed in as far as they would go. I'm sat writing this review in my lounge listening to his tv with no ear plugs in and just a slight annoyance that I've paid a lot of money for my house and I can hear his tv! Thank you Vicky!!!

KM - Whitwick (Google Review 28 June 2017)

Before my session of BWRT with Vicky I was consumed by jealousy and rage. It really prevented me from enjoying myself at all in the best years of my life with the people I loved the most. But after just one session of BWRT with Vicky I can finally be myself again! Such a fast acting and effective therapy, I would strongly recommend this to anyone in the Leicestershire area Vicky is a brilliant therapist and made me feel comfortable to share everything I needed too instantly ! :)

EM - Hinckley (Google Review June 2017)

I have had several sessions with Vicky over the past few months and cannot thank her enough for the support and guidance she has given me. Trance for a change hypnotherapy has really helped with my confidence barriers and has provided me with tools to use as I carry on my journey. Vicky is a wonderful, supportive and kind therapist and I highly recommend trance for a change to anyone looking for guidance and change. I know I can always go back to see vicky if I need to in the future and she will support me :) I can not recommended trance for a change enough, Thankyou Vicky x

HS - Hinckley (Google Review May 2017)

Just wanted to so a massive thank you to Vicky and Trance for a change for helping me to stop smoking after 30 or so years.
I have tried all methods over the years, but after just 1 session with Vicky, I am cured, with no urges, cravings or a cigarette for over 2 weeks and counting.
Many thanks Vicky

Regards, Gareth

GL - Hinckley  (22 May 2017)

I just want to say a huge thanku to VickyTunaley ,i met with her for hypnotherapy session to help me quit smoking (in 26yrs i have only ever managed a week and an extremely wobbly one at that) Vicky was fantastic,put me at ease.since the session ive have just about no cravings at all.no anxiety and minimal if any withdrawal symptoms.i feel positive this time i am quitting for good.thankyou so much Vicky!!    

​SF Loughborough  (4 May 2017)

After my session I felt rejuvenated & full of life. Vicky made me feel at ease and I found the whole experience wonderful.

CK - Coventry (9 February 2017)

I would 100% recommend Vicky for her fantastic hypnotherapy. It has completely changed mine and my husbands lives. It has to be the best decision we have both ever made and felt completely confident and comfortable throughout the entire process.

SN - Stoney Stanton  (19 January 2017)

Just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Vicky and give her the recognition she deserves. Before therapy, all I ate was chicken nuggets and beans on a daily basis for 8 years but thanks to her amazing therapy sessions, I now eat a new meal everyday and loving it. I feel so much more confident now and being able to go out for a meal with friends and family and not having to worry about where to go is great! 
Best decision I've ever made and I would recommend to everyone to give it a try!

AW - Hinckley (26 January 2017)

Vicky is a lovely lady who really puts me at ease. She explains how the brain works with hypnotherapy which makes it easier for me to relate to the process. Having said that, I haven't a clue what it is she's actually doing as I'm in such a comfortable, relaxed state I can only really remember waking up (or coming to, as I'm not actually asleep). All I know is that I float out of her treatment room and that I'm feeling better after only a few visits. Thank you so much Vicky. See you soon.

JR - Higham on the Hill (13 October 2016)

Vicky was recommended to me by a friend. I was experiencing bouts of anxiety and didn't feel confident. My mood was low and I was stuck in a negative way of thinking. Before my first session I didn't know what to expect. Vicky immediately put me at ease with her gentle calm manner. 
I'm on week ten now and coming to the end of my time with Vicky. I'm noticing positive changes all the time. My friends and family have noticed too..a great feeling. I'm now able to tackle challenges confidently and rationally. Lifes getting better and better. Thanks Trance for a change xx

NS - Nuneaton

Vicky has really helped me over the last couple of months with my anxieties, hypnotherapy has given me a whole new lease of life. Fully recommend this wonderful lady to anyone who struggles with things like anxiety!! Thank you so much Vicky 

BM - Coventry (23 May 2016)

I have been going to Trance for a Change for two months now because of a deep depression. My life has changed dramatically in that time, I am happy and am making good changes to my life; a new image, learning new things, making new friends and being kind to myself. I fully recommend Trance for a Change if you need change in your life and need help to get there.
SSF - Leicester

A lovely experience with Vicky who is a lovely lady. Looking forward to more quality "me" time. Thank you.
PO - Shenton, Leicestershire (7 January 2016)

Just finished an amazing hypnotherapy session with Vicky. Today was my second session and after feeling quite anxious from this weekend I can honestly say this hour has took my brain to a place where I have totally relaxed and now I'm feeling fab! I'd encourage anyone to try it 😊 Already booked in my next session.

Thank you Vicky Tunaley - you're amazing!
NT - Nuneaton
Vicky demonstrated some great expertise when using hypnotherapy and successfully made me feel at ease at all sessions. Since attending I am now able to confront situations which I previously found extremely difficult. Therefore I would highly recommend using Trance for a Change Hypnotherapy.

RW - Leicester

Vicky helped me to stop biting my nails after 30 years or more. I haven't bitten them since. It was the only thing that worked for me hypnotherapy. X

LS - Leicester (16th June 2016)

Well worth a visit even if it's just for relaxation, or may be something else you won't regret going.
Vicky is a lovely person and well trained in Hypnotherapy so you are in good hands. Highly recommended.

GB - Hinckley (24 April 2016)

Vicky is a wonderful therapist who I would recommend to everyone. She has the most soothing voice and caring nature. She genuinely is one of the nicest and most supportive people I have ever met xx
My experience with Vicky;
If anyone has any concerns in their life with overcoming a particular event or situation in their life that causes stress or anxiety, I would recommend hypnotherapy and especially by our lovely Vicky Tunaley. 
She so kindly and caringly took me as client when I had experienced an anxiety overspilled driving test. A few days before the test day I became nervous and by test day I was shaking and close to tears. 
Vicky taught me that my brain realised how stressed I was because I believed I was about to encounter a horrific experience, which is how I had built it up to be in my mind. The brain, in these situations autopilots us to escape the danger. 
Vicky suggested we needed to re-wind that experience as, even reliving it in my mind, I again became anxious. She also advised that the brain cannot know the difference between truth and imagination. Therefore every time I went over it in my head, my brain thought it was real. We spent a session re-winding the experience and afterwards, especially the next day, it was better. I felt like I'd really got over it.
The night before my re-test, Vicky had a session with me which she called a Reframe. We spent a long time going over a very detailed description of how the next day would go and how positive it was going to be. She then hypnotised me and recalled this day to me. 
I can happily say I passed the test and on the day I was able to control my nerves and felt so positive that I just needed to engage the intellectual part of my brain to see the test through.
I can honestly say I dont see how I would have controlled the nerves or myself if I hadnt of had those valuable sessions with Vicky. 
The brain, and how Vicky describes it too, is such a powerful and magnificent tool. 
I'd recommend giving hypnotherapy a chance to anyone. Vicky in particular as a person has a soothing voice and genuinely cares about helping people. 
Thank you for reading my story. If you have any questions about the process that I can answer as a client, please message me.

NT - Nuneaton (18 March 2016)

A lovely relaxed and helpful experience. Thank you for all you help Vicky
DM - Coventry  (21 January 2016)

A lovely experience with Vicky who is a lovely lady. Looking forward to more quality "me" time. Thank you.
PO - Shenton, Leicestershire (7 January 2016)


I'm very pleased I took the decision to give this a try .
Such a wonderful experience .  I had nothing to lose but I had so much to gain .
Thank you so much.

GL - Warwickshire (11 December 2015)